Dr. Migliore is currently the President of Managing for Success. He was formerly Professor of Management and former Dean of the Oral Roberts University School of Business from 1975 until 1987. He is currently serving as an adjunct professor for Oklahoma State University, Langston, and Oral Roberts University. He was a visiting professor at the University of Calgary; ITESM Campus Guadalajara; Universidad Autonoma de Guadalajara, Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico; Universidad Del Valle de Mexico, Mexico City; Peniel University, London, England; and Singapore Productivity Center.

He is a former manager of the press manufacturing operations of Continental Can Company’s Stockyard Plant. Prior to that he was responsible for the industrial engineering function at Continental’s Indiana plant. In this capacity, Dr. Migliore was responsible for coordinating the long-range planning process. In addition, he has had various consulting experiences with Fred Rudge & Associates in New York and has served large and small businesses, associations, and nonprofit organizations in various capacities. He has made presentations to a wide variety of clubs, groups, and professional associations. Dr. Migliore has been selected to be on the faculty for the International Conferences on Management by Objectives and the Strategic Planning Institute Seminar Series. He is also a frequent contributor to the Academy of Management, including a paper at the 50th anniversary national conference. He served for 12 years on the Board of Directors of T. D. Williamson, Inc., and was previously on the Boards of the International MBO Institute and Brush Creek Ranch, American Red Cross/Tulsa Chapter, and is chairman of a scholarship fund for Eastern State College. In 1984 he was elected into the Eastern State College Athletic Hall of Fame. Dr. Migliore has been an adjunct professor and a guest lecturer on a number of college campuses. He has lectured for the Texas A & M SOARS programs, Pepperdine, ITESM Campus–Guadalajara, and University of Calgary Executive Development programs. He serves on Chamber/Civic Committees and served on the Administrative Board at The First United Methodist Church, Tulsa, Oklahoma. He was selected Who’s Who on a list of 31 top echelon writers and consultants in America.

To date previous articles on management and business subjects have appeared in AIIE Journal, Construction News, Management World, Management of Personnel Quarterly, Journal of Long-Range Planning, Dental Economics, Health Care Management Review, MBO Journal, Business and Society Review, Parks and Recreation Journal, The Journal of Business Strategy, Daily Blessing, Ozark Mountaineer, On Line, Real Estate Today, Communication Briefings, Journal of Sports Management, Alberta Business Review, The Planning Review, Hospital Topics, Journal of East-West Business, Journal of Ministry Management, IIE Solutions, and two Mexican journals. His books, MBO: Blue Collar to Top Executive, An MBO Approach to Long-Range Planning, A Strategic Plan for Your Life, Strategic Long-Range Planning, Strategic Planning for Church and Ministry Growth, Common Sense Management: A Biblical Perspective, Personal Action Planning: How To Know What You Want And Get It, and Tales of Uncle Henry, describe personal theories and experiences. He contributed to the book, Readings in Interpersonal and Organizational Communication and International Handbook on MBO. The book The Management of Production: A Productivity Approach is coauthored. Other books include Strategic Planning and Management, Strategic Life Planning, and Common Sense Management. The manuscript People Productivity and Profits has been completed. He is coauthoring a series of books with Haworth Press. Released so far are Church and Ministry Growth (1995), Planning for Nonprofit Management (1995), Strategic Planning and Health Care (1996), Strategic Planning for Private Universities (1997), and Strategy Planning for Collegiate Athletics (spring 2000). Strategy Planning for Higher Education and Planning for City Government will be completed in the year 2003. Strategic Long-Range Planning for the New Millennium was updated and published in August of 2002. His books have been translated into Russian, Chinese, Korean, Spanish, German, Malaysian, and Japanese. A Spanish version of Strategic Planning will have an early edition out in January 2004. He has also produced “Personal Financial Success,” an Oral Roberts University video training kit offered on nationwide television, and video/audio tapes to go with his books. Dr. Migliore has developed three complete videotaped correspondence courses.

In November 1985 the daily Managing for Success cable television program was inaugurated and was on the air until March 1986. It was on Tulsa Cable. The series began again on Tulsa Cable in September 1986. He writes occasional columns for the Tulsa World, Tahlequah Pictorial Press, Collinsville News, Jenks Journal, and Muskogee County Times. A complete video series with four summary units and 36 support units covering planning, management, and common sense management supports other material.

In November 1998 R. Migliore was inducted into the Eastern Oklahoma State Hall of Fame. This followed his induction in 1988 into the Eastern Athletic Hall of Fame.

Dr. Migliore has been a small business consultant for the Oklahoma Small Business Development Center for 13 years. Dr. Migliore holds degrees from Eastern Oklahoma State, Oklahoma State University, St. Louis University, and completed his doctorate at the University of Arkansas. He belongs to the Academy of Management and Planning Executives Institute and is a senior member of the American Institute of Industrial Engineers.