What professional managers say about Henry Migliore

W.R. Grace & Co., J. Peter Grace, Former Chairman
I have known Henry Migliore for nearly ten years. He was instrumental in the start-up of our Colowyo mine in northwestern Colorado, and his writings, particularly, Strategic Long-Range Planning and A Strategic Plan for Your Life: A Biblical Perspective demonstrate his keen understanding of strategic business concepts and their application.

Dr. Roger Fritz, Roger Fritz & Associates, Organization Development Consultants
Henry Migliore is once again a step ahead of his time. This book, Strategic Planning and Management in the New Millennium, brings his very practical ideas and practices on strategic planning on line for application in this new 21st century and beyond.

Canon USA, Inc., Jerry Robinson, Former Director of Field Sales
Dr. R. Henry Migliore has worked with our Government Marketing Division of Canon, U.S.A., Inc. in developing a format and completing a five-year business plan. Specifically, Dr. Migliore helped us refine our marketing plan. His approach helped us analyze our market niche, competition, products and services. We feel we are in a better position to meet the needs of our customers. Henry’s assistance has placed us on a track that will enable our company to objectively approach our market and include our profit objectives.

Williams Communications Corp., David L. Willis, Project Manager
Williams has worked with Dr. Migliore and his students to lend assistance and bring an important minority own business out of bankruptcy. We believe this company has now turned the corner and will have a bright future.

Hughes, Jack B. ReVelle, Leader, Continuous Improvement
I know Dr. Migliore to be a highly skilled academician with an impressive list of credentials. I believe his greatest strength is his ability to clearly and easily communicate facts, ideas, and methodologies to both traditional and non-traditional students and professional managers.

Cardone Industries, Mark Spuler, Executive Vice President
“Strategic Long-range Planning” has proven to be critical in the success of my Industrial Engineering Division. Dr. Henry Migliore took my entire Industrial Engineering staff through the planning process. His common-sense principles and manufacturing experience helped my engineers be more successful in their area.

ROX Corp, Darren Keller, Manager of Operations
In the twelve years since I graduated from Oklahoma State University, I’ve heard a plethora of speakers and Dr. Migliore consistently places at the top. Equal to his charm as a speaker, is his thorough knowledge of the many facets of strategic management and tactical implementation.

Crown Auto World, Henry Primeaux, Former President
R. Henry Migliore has worked with our top management team developing a long-rang strategic plan. Dr. Migliore has been a major contributor to our improved efficiency and enhance understanding of the need of strategic planning and implementation.

Phillips 66 Company, Warren H. Alfred, Director of Human Resources
Professor R. Henry Migliore and I first met in the mid-1980’s as we teamed up in the development of a five-year strategic business plan. Professor Migliore served as a consultant to our $100MM per year high technology manufacturing business. Professor Migliore’s writings are on target with what business should be about in today’s economic environment. His leadership and strategic plan assisted our company in enhancing its growth and development opportunities. He is both practical and far-sighted.

Texas A & M University, Dr. Don Hellriegel, Lowry Mays College, Graduate School of Business
It is unique to find a individual who has been capable of providing publications that are of interest to all of these audiences. Moreover, his publications spans the areas of policy, strategy, management, and marketing. His ability to teach within colleges and universities at all professional levels – undergraduate, general masters, Executive MBA, and management development – is special. He has a nice ability to adjust his presentation to the needs and interest of those various target markets.

Southwestern Bell, David Johnsen, Ph.D, Director Marketing Research
In his unified approach to management Henry blends the current state-of-the-art and science of management thinking and communicates it in a professional, tough-minded, common sense manner.

Oxy Petroleum, Charles E. Creekmore, Former Operations Services Manager
Henry led a seminar for employees on various levels reporting to me. The people attending the seminar were impressed with the way Henry Migliore reduced extremely complex processes to more simple, understandable and workable methods. As I reviewed the seminar, it was amazing how much material we covered and learned in such a short period of time.

Metropolitan Tulsa Chamber of Commerce, Clyde C. Cole, Former President
Dr. Migliore has been a volunteer consultant for 17 local non-profit groups, including Salvation Army, Goodwill Industries, YMCA, and American Red Cross, the past few years he has concentrated on working with minority and other small business. It is my pleasure to give the highest recommendations to Dr. Migliore.

Howco Metals Inc., Richard R. Rocha, Materials Manager
Dr. Migliore possesses the unique ability to apply business concepts in real world situations to achieve successful results. His new book outlines workable theory and concepts.

University of Calgary, Brad Jackson, Director Management Seminars
Informal and formal feedback from seminar participants confirmed my impression that Dr. Migliore is a master at moving things along at a fast and interesting pace. All the seminars he did with the University of Calgary have been well received. His books and materials have been of great value to our seminar participants.

Cooper Clinic, Georgia Kostas, M. H. P., R. D., L. D., Nutrition Director, Cooper Clinic
In utilizing Dr. Migliore’s concepts at staff planning retreats and annual job reviews, we have found these sessions to be more meaningful, directive and productive. His practical, commonsense approach to work and life management allows me to recommend his work for its contribution to both professional and personal progress.

Canon, Jerry Robinson, Director of Field Sales
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Granville County, North Carolina, Michael S. Felts, County Manager
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What students say about Henry Migliore

Melissa Lay, Oklahoma State University
I believe a great person is not one who has done great things themselves, but inspires others do great things. And, every once in a while, we meet a person who fits both of these categories…then, we have met an extraordinary individual. I was fortunate to meet Dr. Migliore during classes at Oklahoma State University in 2005. I have listened to many stories, and learned of a very successful and interesting history. But it didn’t stop there–we have worked on several consulting projects together and co-authored papers. He has inspired me to know my priorities and what matters to me, and without goals we never know where we are going. I can only hope, that someday, I can impact someone’s life the way he has impacted mine.

Angela L. Chambers, graduate student, Langston University – Tulsa
I never could have imagined the learning experience I encountered in Dr. Migliore’s business class in my Entrepreneurial Studies program. Dr. Migliore granted my mind access to an array of business concepts and strategies, which promotes success in both my personal life and business endeavors. His humorous yet practical approach keeps me engaged and eager to apply.

Chris Alan Busch, CEO, LightQuest Media, Inc.
I was one of Dr. Migliore’s first students when he arrived at ORU. I found not only a professor who would have an incredible impact on my career, but a long-time friend. I watched him then and learned, not just in the classroom, but as I watched him with his wife, his children, his colleagues. I learned how important it was to have values, principles, and goals, not just in business, but in life. Now as he enters the “fourth quarter” of his life, I am still watching. And what I am seeing is a man who is intent on leaving a legacy in his family, his students, and his friends. Facing the adversity of time and aging, he continues to focus not on himself, but on encouraging everyone in his vast circle. It’s as though he can’t stop planting and watering those seeds…and I suppose he never will.

Stian S. Eriksen, PhD candidate, Oslo, Norway
I would strongly like to recommend Dr. R. Henry Migliore and his teaching, which I experienced during my doctoral training in theology. Having Dr. Migliore as professor was tremendously inspiring and contagious in several ways. Dr. Migliore´s academic excellence combined with his vast experience of actually having worked with leaders, corporations and organizations in numerous fields and contexts, makes his teaching outstandingly insightful. In particular, I gained greatly about strategic planning on both organizational and personal levels. Dr. Migliore combines theory with practical relevance, also exemplified in his book, Church and Ministry Strategic Planning, combining leadership theory with theological insights in a unique way. I also deeply appreciate his personal encouragement and interest in the students´ own projects and professional development. I have used insights from Dr. Migliore for several years in my own teaching in various college and other learning contexts. I have also continued to consult Dr. Migliore in strategic matters and recommended him to others, including planning conferences with Dr. Migliore.

Thomas Kesler, MA
I am writing to recommend Dr. Henry Migliore, as a candidate for your institution. I had the good fortune to sit under Dr. Migliore as an instructor and department head while obtaining my undergraduate business degree at Oral Roberts University during the early eighties. His instruction on Management by Objectives (MBO) was extremely useful. I have consulted his material many times over the years and continue to do so to this day. Recently I was reunited with Dr. Migliore. His zeal and desire to see students succeed academically and personally continues to impact countless students’ lives, including mine. I find it an honor to recommend Dr. Migliore to any position in which he aspires.

Keith D. Clark, RCDD Datacom Sales & Associates
When enrolling in upper level classes, you had some classes that you had an idea of what the curriculum would be; Accounting, finance, etc. But looking at the other options, I wanted to enroll in a class that I thought would be beneficial to my degree/life plan. I ran across “Business Policy” proctored by Dr. Henry Migliore. I honestly felt we would discuss business application but not certain if out of a text book or real world application. In hindsight, this class was one of the most beneficial classes I attended while in college. Dr. Migliore’s approach to providing real world case studies and allowing us to assess the needs and fix accordingly developed a strong understanding for identifying the problem and tackling it from there. I currently run a two state territory, representing numerous manufacturers and dealing with different levels of customers whether it being a direct end user, distribution partner, or contracting entity. In both my personal and professional career, I use Dr. Migliore’s principles as solid foundation blocks to managing and running my business.

What sports management professionals say about Henry Migliore

Baylor Bear Foundation, Doug Smith, Executive Director. Strategic Planning for Collegiate Athletics is a book that should be read by every athletic administrator in the country. While at the University of Oklahoma, Dr. Migliore worked with me and my staff in developing a strategic plan which lead to a substantial increase in annual contributions to the athletic program. The philosophy, principles, and concepts in this book will help assist me in building a stronger athletic development program here at Baylor.

Oral Roberts University, Mike Carter, Athletic Director. Dr. Migliore played a vital role assisting the Oral Roberts university Athletic Department in developing a comprehensive five-year plan. We used the principles and worksheets now in the book Strategic Planning for College Athletics in preparation for our NCAA Accreditation.

Central Washington University, Dr. Gary Frederick, Director of Athletics (Retired). My staff and I attended one of Henry’s workshops on Strategic Planning. I used the expertise acquired from my association with Dr. Migliore to develop an institutional athletic strategic plan at Central Washington University. Without the knowledge obtained through the association with Dr. Migliore, the development of the strategic plan would have been futile.

Matt Monger, former OSU Cowboy, New York Jet, Buffalo Bill; Merril Lynch. I consider myself fortunate to have served on a marketing task force lead by Dr. Migliore from Oklahoma State. His new book outlines many of the principles we used in our meetings.
Dale – Brown – Enterprises. – Inc., Dale Brown (retired), Former Head Coach, Louisiana State University. I am elated that Dr. Migliore and his co-authors have published the book Strategic Planning for College Athletics. For years Dr. Migliore has been ahead of the pack when it comes to recognizing changes the should occur in college athletics. Years ago, I sent some of his excellent ideas to 1,200 college presidents, chancellors, athletic directors, faculty representatives, head football coaches, head basketball coaches, and conference commissioners of division one schools, and also to the staff of the NCAA. Dr. Migliore has much to say that can help college athletic.

What religious leaders say about Henry Migliore

Dr. James Buskirk, former senior pastor, First United Methodist Church, Tulsa, OK
Dr. Migliore was instrumental in helping First United Methodist develop strategic direction for our church. Recently he guided a task force to develop a marketing plan for our Family Health and Recreation Center. We will continue to use his concepts for other projects.

B.J. Daughtery, Victory Christian Center
Through your (Henry Migliore) assistance, we will capitalize on the potential God has given us.

B. Erickson, former General Manager “Back-to-the-Bible” Broadcast
Dr. Migliore was able to quickly teach the elements in the MBO approach. He gained the confidence of our top management team and helped us in developing long-range objectives.

R. A. Pfeiffer, former Director YMCA of Tulsa
I can quickly and openly attest that the high-quality work performed by Dean Migliore in our recent Tulsa YMCA project exceeds all other experiences.

L.R. Buzzard, former Manager Christian Legal Society
Migliore played a crucial role in the development of an administrative plan for the growing ministries of the Christian Legal Society.

What academic leaders say about Henry Migliore

Bette Leone, Oklahoma Regents for Higher Education
On behalf of the Board of Regents of Oklahoma Colleges, we want to express our sincere appreciation for your dedication and service of fifteen years to Northeastern State University and to higher education. We are enclosing a copy of the June 21, 2002 Minutes that include the Board’s motion approving the President’s Recommendations for Northeastern State University (R. #225, page 33) and a copy of your retirement resolution on page 65. Congratulations on your well-deserved retirement.

Oklahoma State University, Raj Basu, Ph.D., Vice President for Academic Affairs
I have known Dr. Migliore professionally for six years and my knowledge of his work performance and habits are based upon information gained during his time as an adjunct family member at Oklahoma State University – Tulsa. Dr. Migliore is a popular because he is challenging, thought provoking, and knowledgeable. These testimonies have come from our very best students. In a world increasingly at ease with mediocre instruction, Dr. Migliore is a very pleasant and necessary surprise. In addition to being a very good teacher, Dr. Migliore is also an outstanding colleague. He understands the role of service and is a consummate team player.

St. Gregory’s University – CWA, Jeff Baenziger, Ph.D.
Dr. Migliore has been an adjunct faculty member of St. Gregory’s University in our Master of Science in Management program for the last four years. Over the course of the last four years, Dr. Migliore has developed graduate curriculum for us in strategic planning and has taught several courses a year. Each course Dr. Migliore teaches has given our students an excellent opportunity to learn from a professor that possesses not only a wealth of personal knowledge and experience but the ability to connect with students and lead them in an applied learning environment. Dr. Migliore’s efforts have not only garnered high student evaluations (averages 3.9 on a 4.0 scale) but has co-authored publications and sponsored students in consulting activities.

Langston University at Tulsa, Michael C. Murphy, JD, MBA, MLS, Business Programs Director
I have known Henry professionally since the early 1980s when we were pioneering faculty members at the then University Center of Tulsa. We have presented at various local scholarly seminars. Henry continues to adjunct for the Langston University School of Business and has been well respected by our students and his faculty peers. Henry’s expertise in strategic management is well known. What I find most impressive about Henry is his ability to successfully mentor students of diverse backgrounds.

Texas A & M University, Dr. Don Hellriegel, Lowry Mays College, Graduate School of Business
It is unique to find a individual who has been capable of providing publications that are of interest to all of these audiences. Moreover, his publications spans the areas of policy, strategy, management, and marketing. His ability to teach within colleges and universities at all professional levels – undergraduate, general masters, Executive MBA, and management development – is special. He has a nice ability to adjust his presentation to the needs and interest of those various target markets.

University of Calgary, Brad Jackson, Director Management Seminars
Informal and formal feedback from seminar participants confirmed my impression that Dr. Migliore is a master at moving things along at a fast and interesting pace. All the seminars he did with the University of Calgary have been well received. His books and materials have been of great value to our seminar participants.

Eastern Oklahoma State College, Dr. Stephen E. Smith, President
“Dr. Henry Migliore has been instrumental in assisting Eastern Oklahoma State College in moving forward in the development of a new five-year strategic plan. Dr. Migliore brings many years of experience to the table when consulting for such initiatives. Eastern has appreciated his guidance and direction and look forward to his assistance throughout our planning process.”

Langston University, Dr. Hasbert
Dr. Migliore has extensive experience in strategic planning. As an author on the subject his comments and recommendations were highly regarded in our meetings. In addition, his long tenure with the institution was helpful as we charted the course of our future. From excellence to greatness became our guiding mantra and Professor offered much to our current approved plan.

Bobby Stevens. Ph.D., Murray Professor of Marketing, Southeastern State University
Henry, It was obvious this weekend that you have planted so many seeds in people’s lives and now much is coming back to you in the form of help with projects, books, cases and even your business operations. So many of the MBA students count on your counsel about many things; I look back on my ORU days as a great learning experience about how a School of Business should be run. I often tell people about you and your leadership in planning, internships, continuing education, etc. You were right on track about so many things that could/should be done by faculty and students. Without a doubt, you are the best dean I eve r worked for and that is quite a few now.