Contemporary Marketing


What goes around comes around. Here we are in the new millennium. Has anything really changed in marketing?

The new trend for the marketing manager in the millennium has to be customer focused. This new trend has been called “IBM CO” or customer-oriented selling. Xerox Canada calls it “solution selling,” and Xerox USA calls it “buyer-centered selling.” The “new’ concept calls for going to the customer and finding out about their future plans, problems, and products.

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The key is to find out how your organization can help the customer solve problems, gain market share, and be more profitable.

LISTEN TO YOUR CUSTOMER. Listen, listen, listen . . . said the late Frank “Pat” Murphy, Sr., the founder, and CEO of the F.W. Murphy Company. (1) Listen and find out what the customer’s problem is. The customer doesn’t want you to sell them something but help them solve their problem. With this information, your organization can take a creative and innovative look at the customer and their needs. By putting together a multi-level, multidisciplined task force your company can see what specific products, services, and solutions they can come up with. The “solution” might mean a capital investment or could require a complete change in the company’s time-honored policy and procedure.


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