Strategic Planning and Management for the New Millennium


An ever-present problem with organizations is determining strategic direction, developing a plan, and then managing the plan. Small organizations, particularly those under one owner/manager/organizer, usually cope fairly easily in the early years. But growth, addiction of personnel, and expansion soon turn a one-time simple problem into one much more complex. Unless management keeps fully abreast, an organization can become sluggish and victimized by a loss of direction.

Large organizations can be drifting and have no real direction. They are often plagued by a lack of innovation and an inability to respond to problems and opportunities.

This book discusses a philosophy of management that has convincingly demonstrated its value in bringing order out of chaos. It compels the management team to agree to direction. It is simple to understand. Once in motion it acquires a natural rhythm. It offers the opportunity to satisfy higher-level needs. Finally, and highly important, it provides a foundation to manage the organization. It gets everyone involved in the
planning process.



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