To some, it’s all about a goal. Setting an expectation, achieving it, and you’ve won. Or have you?

Too often, the material part of this world overshadows the true victories of life. Our best laid plans become chains that bind us to end results we never desired. I am not saying that one shouldn’t set goals or revel in achievements. Those victories are truly yours because of your hard work. What I would suggest, is be mindful of the big picture aspect, and how it all gathers in definition of you.

Looking back on a life I have chosen each day, the color of my decisions I am most proud of are those hues that favor my family. My beautiful wife, wonderful children, my friends, and former students have colored a painting of my life that I enjoy gazing upon as if I were in a museum within my mind. It is a life well lived, and I am glad to have been a part of so many stories throughout the years.

I challenge you all to consider this paradigm when setting goals, expectations, and making choices along your path. Go forth and prosper.